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Will Children be hit by the 3rd Wave of COVID-19?

We asked our mentor and guide, Dr Damle, this question and here is what he had to say.

Several parents are calling in asking, whether they are children are at risk during the third week. Since experts have said that, children may get hit.

Take the experts seriously because what they have said, they want you not to be complacent with children because children do not show symptoms. So you don’t know whether they are already infected. So it’s just a warning.

They haven’t said that they will be hit they have said that there’s a possibility that children get hit. Because of this virus and the third wave.

But I have my thoughts which I want to share with you.

The first thing is children have a very robust immune system, you know, it’s non-developed but then it is nonspecific. Any kind of virus, you know, can be encountered by their immune system. They have cells that are different from what we have in adults.

In adults, we have memory cells whereas they have kind of a natural cell which can kill any type of virus or any antigen. So there’s also Thymus induced immunity, which is a little complicated to explain.

Secondly, in the first wave itself, many of the children might have already first and second wave, many of the children might have already got infected.

You can know it by testing for antigen. You can test it and see whether the child is already infected. Even if it is already infected, it does not mean that they are safe.

All the more you should be careful that you know, first time and they got infected, you could not identify it. So it’s a warning sign.

Take care of your children, don’t let them get, get exposed. Educate them about, you know, how to protect themselves, and not to be complacent, you know, it’s there’s also something called il-10 which gets in, you know, secreted in children which is a strong anti-inflammatory cytokine.

And hence, they don’t get a fever, body pain you know, they don’t feel tired, they will be normal even if they have a virus inside them. So take care of them primarily.

 You have to ensure that they don’t get exposed. And because a fewer number of children are infected does not mean that they will not get infected.

I have also spoken to paediatricians and pulmonologist who have looked after children, who are infected and the news is good from them. They say that they recover very well, they don’t need either oxygen or an ICU bed and hope the third wave does not hit children.

Thank you.

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