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Why you should shift to a plant-based hand sanitizer

Why you should shift to a plant-based hand sanitizer

Germs are a part of our daily life. They have always been around us, and we have not paid the heed to them. The current pandemic has made us rethink the idea and has forced us to take the precautions that we never cared to imbibe in oneself.   We are seeing that apart from us most people around us are applying hand sanitizer and wearing protective gear to safeguard themselves and their families.

Hand sanitizers come in many forms and can be broadly divided into Chemical-based and Plant-based. Most healthcare specialists recommend the former as it is more effective. But using it in the long term will have its repercussions.  As an alternative Plant-based sanitizers are not only safe, but they offer a lot of benefits, which we will discuss today:-

Advantages of using plant-based hand sanitizers:

Prevents dryness: Chemical hand sanitizers are good at what they do, but our skin ends up feeling pale after their application. Plant-based hand sanitizers come with lubricants and other natural ingredients which benefit the skin and restores the lost moisture while nourishing the skin.

Allergic reactions: Chemicals, in whatsoever form come with a few side-effects, in some cases even lead to allergic reactions. Plant-based sanitizers are entirely derived from nature and are much more reliable than their counterpart.

Comes with natural fragrance: As plant based sanitizers are loaded with plant molecules, they carry a natural fragrance than the monotonous option from chemical based sanitizers

Added antimicrobial effect from Neem and Tulsi: Natural ingredients are more adept at fighting the unwanted germs on our skin, and come loaded with essential oils, providing added immunity and makes it more effective while fighting the miscreants. Plant Science hand sanitizer is equipped with the added antimicrobial effect from Tulsi and Neem.

Cost-matters: Both plant-based and chemical-based sanitizers have the same main ingredient, alcohol. If we look around, you will realize that plant ingredients are more expensive to make and source while the main ingredients other than alcohol are more readily available for the latter and cost relatively less. However, to help cope up with the tough times, Atrimed has subsidized their plant based hand sanitizer.So if you want to have a nourished skin, fresher fragrance, added anti-microbial  benefits and safer ingredients in your hand sanitizer, shift to plant-based option today.

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