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Why is Plant-Based Face Wash Important in Our Daily Life?

Why is Plant-Based Face Wash Important in Our Daily Life?

Irrespective of your age, one of the most important skincare steps is always going to be using a face wash. This is a fundamental aspect of skincare that you should not skip because it forms the base of clean and healthy skin. 

Most of us practice this. But we may be taking for granted just how important washing the face is and thus, often skip it on lazy days, or don’t do it the right way. But, the first step is to choose the right product and we’re here to help. 

Why is washing your face important?

Washing the face regularly is essential in order to maintain healthy-looking skin. Throughout the day, our skin gets exposed to bacteria, pollutants, and dirt. Washing your face removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Here’s how:

1. Clears Build-up:

Every single day our face is exposed to pollution, dust, sweat, and whatnot. So, after spending 8-9 hours outside, you can imagine the condition of your skin. A face wash helps to remove oil, dirt, and other pollutants that water alone will not be able to remove. If you are the kind of person who uses makeup every day, then it’s essential that you remove it before going to bed. You can go for any type of face wash that’s suitable for your skin type and ensure that your skin looks fresh, clean, and supple.

2. Helps To Keep The Skin Hydrated:

Regular and proper cleaning of the skin will help maintain the skin’s pH level, leaving it soft, supple, and younger-looking. Since face wash helps to remove dead skin cells, your face will be able to take in moisture and other products better.

3. Helps To Exfoliate:

Face wash just doesn’t clean and remove only oil and dirt from the skin, it also sweeps away dry and dead skin cells, revealing a fresh layer of skin. Your face will become smooth and will have a natural glow.

4. Makes The Skin Look Younger:

Removal of dead skin cells allows new skin cells to breathe, meaning your skin will be able to hold in moisture and thus ultimately makeing your skin look fresh and young. You cannot stop the signs of ageing but you can definitely delay it. So, wash and massage your face daily. 

5. Helps The Product To Penetrate Properly Into The Skin:

It is very important to clean your face at night if you want your anti-aging cream and other products to work well. A fresh, clean base on your face always helps absorb products more easily and effectively. So, just remember to clean your face at night and in the morning too, even if you had gone to bed with a clean face.

Why Go Plant-based?

  • Effective

Devoid of harmful chemicals and made with herbal ingredients, plant-based natural products are more effective for your health. Its nutrients are absorbed by your body and shows visible results without any side effects.

  • Safe

Free from toxic chemicals, plant-based products are safe for the body and your health. When you start incorporating plant-based products into your lifestyle, you will notice a drastic reduction in reactions, irritation, itch, or other side effects.

  • Environmentally friendly

Plant-based products are made of natural ingredients and so; do not leave harmful footprints on the environment. They do not leave chemical residues in the environment or cause soil or water pollution on being washed off in the drains.

The Plant Science Anti-Blemish Face Wash

The Plant Science Anti-Blemish Face Wash is formulated using flavonoids from neem, lemon, and vetiver to protect and nourish your skin making it one of the best options to remove dead skin cells and blemishes. This face wash is loaded with anti-oxidant properties making it one of the best choices for a face wash.

Here are some other benefits of using the Anti-Blemish Face Wash by Plant Science.

  • Healthier and naturally glowing skin

The plant molecules in this natural blemish face wash penetrate the skin to keep pores clean and deliver soft, glowing skin. “Citrus bioflavonoids” are the bioactive plant flavonoids that are found in fruit peels belonging to the citrus family like lemon and orange. The acidic pH of such bioflavonoids helps in the removal of dead tissue, promotes new cell regeneration and provides naturally glowing skin. 

  • Reduces blemishes and removes dead cells on the skin 

This Face Wash for blemishes gently purifies the skin and removes dead cells, giving you a clearer complexion. The skin undergoes exfoliation every 28-30 days. Exfoliation is a natural process wherein the upper layer of the skin sheds dead cells which thereby facilitates the process of new cell generation. This is a face wash for blemished skin that helps in removing dead cells, excessive oils, harmful microbes, pollutants, and other dirt from the skin’s surface.

  • Nourishes and protects the skin

Formulated with the best natural ingredients, this Anti-Blemish Face Wash will keep your skin protected and give it the nourishment it needs. It contains essential oils derived from Neem and Vetiver that possess antioxidant activity which helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the face and reduces face-related skin conditions like acne, aging, and pigmentation. This face wash formulation does not contain any harmful preservatives and is pH balanced to make it conducive to all skin types.

Bottom Line: 

Using a face wash and cleansing your skin is effective in removing dead skin from your face. This will leave you with smoother and softer skin. And if you’re looking for a safe and effective option to get rid of germs and get proper cleansing, opt for Plant Science Anti-Blemish Face Wash and see the plant ingredients do their magic.

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