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Why Do Crocodiles Swallow Stones?

Why Do Crocodiles Swallow Stones?

When you are a crocodile, your diet has many things that are not at all easy. Whether it is the decaying carcasses you find or the smaller animals you manage to capture, you are bound to have digestive issues. How can a crocodile help itself with digestive problems? Let me explain.

We already spoke at length about eating mud in our article on Geophagy and this is quite similar. According to the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California Berkley, crocodiles swallow stones to help with fundamental digestion. Rocks in the stomach of the crocodile help them crush the food, especially the tough ones like shells, bones and can remain in the stomach for years.

Another observation is that stones help the crocodile feel heavier and satiate its hunger when it is not getting enough to eat! No, you can’t practice this. Just sip water.

Scientists are also trying to understand if the stone in the belly is also for aiding the crocodile to stay afloat at the right weight yet stay underwater.

Well, you now know why the crocodiles have been swallowing rocks.

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