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When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons, you can made a good jar of lemonade and thank your stars. Or check out these interesting things we can do with lemon!

Lemon is the one of the extensively used natural product when it comes to using for #skincare. As natural as it gets, lemon can help your skin to have the natural glow and help tightening the skin. Using natural natural lemon can be beneficial for lightening the dark spots and the pleasant smell it leaves is always a plus point.

According to Dafna Langgut, archaeobotanist at Tel Aviv University in Israel, Lemons and citrus fruits were only reserved for the rich in the ancient Romans and other Mediterranean peoples. Lemons were known for their rarity, exoticism, and their usefulness, both practical and symbolic. Dafna and her team researched about the spread of lemon and citrus from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean. Raise that glass of lemonade for becoming accessible.

Lemons can be used as a cure to some deadly diseases like scurvy. James Lind discovered in 1747 that lemons and the family of citrus fruits actually cured scurvy which was proving deadly for sailors who started going on long voyages away from a constant source of vitamin C in their diet. This discovery influenced the trade, travel and medicine so much that the symbol of Naval Medicine institute has a lemon tree even today.

You can make add zest of lemon to add a dash of tang to your dishes. Lemon zest, jus like orange zest, has come to be used in cakes, vegetables, breakfast bread, marinate meat over night, and in some places, even candied! I recently tasted an amazing strip lemon bar.

At Atrimed PlantScience, we use lemon in many of our skin care and hair care products. Our team has extensively researched on the right combinations to suit your skin the best way. Lemon has amazing benefits for skin like reducing the damage, fighting premature ageing, reducing inflammation and with its antifungal properties can help the skin recover faster. In our product range available on our store, you will find the right combinations for facewash, skin care and hair care. Check them today to see what suits you skin better.

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