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Underwater music festival, Florida

Underwater music festival, Florida

Most people just want a reason to celebrate and feel joy.  As Indians, we celebrate important occasions that mark harvesting, plant cycles, or passing of seasons. While there are some festivals that have religious context, most of our celebrations are filled with fervour and gratitude. All across the world, there are many festivals that have celebrated local traditions, beliefs and important landmark dates. With the travel becoming more open, some of these have achieved cult status and have a steady flow of incoming tourists who join to celebrate the festivals. That is why the world is full of limitless festivals. We all know about the famous festivals, such as Christmas, Coachella, and Halloween. But there are some crazy festivals out there that might turn your attention and you would want to enjoy it. 

So, let’s get started and know about them. Who knows if you might end up at these festivals at the right time.



If you are a lover of underwater life and also passionate about music, then why not combine the both and have fun. Divers can enjoy jamming with living coral barrier reefs during the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival.

What started off thirty-five years ago as a local plan to bring awareness about the beauty of coral reefs which would help in preserving rebuilding and restoring them has now become a world-wide attraction for water lovers. Though a lot of new customs have come as a pleasant addition to the event which is celebrated under 20 feet of water, the core of the festival remains the same – conservation of coral reefs. So if you are free next year and things open up after COVID-19, you plan to visit the place around Mid-July and get to play music underwater with divers and snorkelers to listen while also enjoying the local sea life.

Though you can’t clearly listen to the song underwater, you can recognise the words and music. Did you ever wonder how is that possible, especially, when sound travels faster under water? Should be fun to check out.

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Picture Courtesy –, Bob Care., Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce.

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