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Unconventional love stories from India

Valentine’s day has finally approached. A day to bestow love and admiration upon that every person who holds a special place in your heart. And, whose presence has been marked with golden letters in your life.

Several stories are there surrounding this special day, and the bond of love, in general. But today, I am going to share some unconventional and not-much-talked-about love stories among the Gen-Z.

Radha and Krishna

It is certainly impossible and unjustifiable to talk about Indian mythological love story, and not mention Radha and Krishna. In Vaishnavism, the love between Radha and Krishna is entirely symbolical. It depicts the connection between the divine and the human soul. It is also known as the highest form of devotion in Vaishnavism.

Many stories are there surrounding the final alliance of Radha and Krishna, and many beliefs surrounding it as well. However, the initial story is found to be the same everywhere.

Radha and Krishna grew up together in the village of Vrindavan. As time passed, their innocent friendship blossomed into love. Even when Krishna left the village to perform his duties, Radha waited for him to come back.

He went on defeating his enemies, becoming the King, marrying Rukmini and Satyabhama, and fighting the battle of Ayodhya. While Radha waited with utter patience in the belief that someday Krishna will come back.

While some works of the literature suggest that Radha and Krishna never actually got married, others contradict this statement. They say that years later they met for one final time, and got married in the Gandharva form. Hundreds of humans, alongside the deities, witnessed their alliance.

Till today whenever the name of Krishna’s name is mentioned, Radha’s name gets mentioned as well. Also, many believe that the worship of Krishna remains incomplete without the worship of Radha.


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