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Things You Must Do For Great Skin

Things You Must Do For Great Skin

According to skincare specialists, having a proper skincare regimen in place is necessary. But, it is important to change the skincare regimen with changing season. The change in humidity intensifies the problem related to dry skin. Thus, it is best to make changes as you go along through different seasons. Here are some techniques prescribed by dermatologists to make the most out of your dry skin.

Change your shower routine

Water is a great skin-hydrating agent. However, staying in the shower for long hours might not be the best thing for your skin. As changes in humidity start taking place or your skin starts to feel dry, you need to take certain precautions, in order not to worsen the situation further. For instance, use warm water instead of hot water. Limiting your shower time to 10 minutes can be a great deal of help for your skin. Use a sufficient amount of a gentle cleanser to clean the dirt & oil, but not to such an extremity that it leaves your skin drier. You must try our #PlantScience Antimicrobial shampoo. Use a towel to gently dry your skin after a shower.

Application of moisturizer

Moisturizer is important regardless of the skin type, but it is a necessity if you have dry skin. Applying moisturizer long after washing your skin may lose the beneficial factors that are crucial to your skincare. The ideal concept of a moisturizer is to trap the skin’s existing moisture. Thus, using a moisturizer right after the shower or washing your skin works the best. Try PlantScience AntiMicrobial face wash for fresh rejuvenated skin.

Use products that are gentle on the skin

Dry skin, like #sensitive skin can be reactive to many beauty & #skincare products that contain chemicals. According to dermatologists, fragrance-free products are ideal for dry skin. However, products labelled as “unscented” are not the same as “fragrance-free” products. More often than not, chemicals are used to hide or neutralize the smell of chemicals in such products. These products can irritate dry skin. Try our PlantScience range of skincare products. All Plant Science products are made from only 100% safe plant-based ingredients.

Use a lip balm

While talking about dry skin on our face, we often tend to neglect one of the most sensitive parts of our face – our lips. To avoid dry skin on your lips, it is important to keep them hydrated. Using lip balm is the best way to keep your lips hydrated. However, try to avoid lip balms that contain harsh chemicals. If you feel a tingly sensation after applying the lip balm, or any sort of irritation, then look out for better, and preferably, natural substitutes.

Use ointment and cream

If you have dry skin, then try to use ointment or cream, instead of lotion. According to dermatologists, ointment and cream are less likely to irritate. Also, they are more effective compared to lotion. Creams or ointments that contain Aloe vera, Shea butter, or any other plant-based ingredients are said to be very effective for curing dry skin.


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