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The Parental Imprint

Every member of the species carries some part of its parent in it self and it is almost certain that the parents come together in contributing their share to the child. However, in some cases it is quite different.

In our series on strange reproduction behavior in animals, today we will examine the special fertilizations technique used by frogs. While it is interesting that the female frog lays eggs on the water and the fertilization happens externally.

Frogs and fertilization

Frogs are these small tailless, smooth-skinned, squatting, hoping, croaking, warty creatures that are seen both on land and on water. Their webbed feet help them star predominantly in water while some of them even live in trees and burrows other than land. Did you know there are some frogs that can fly and live in trees?

The breeding method in frogs is pretty unique. Just all the other amphibians and fishes, frogs reproduce through the external fertilization process. In this process, the female lays plenty of eggs on the water, and the male deposits its sperm on them. The frogs tend to make sure that this particular method is fulfilled without any delay or issue. The male frog is said to climb on the back of the female frog when she is all set to lay her eggs. Once she releases her egg clutch, the male fertilizes it with immediate effect. But the sperm of the male frog will only fertilize a handful of the eggs.

Frog eggs and the anti-gravity test

Though the number of eggs that are released are high when compared to the fertilized ones, it is still a good number for the progeny. Did you know that scientists tried the fertilization of frog eggs on a sounding rocket in space?

During the TEXUS-17 flight in April 1988, eggs of the anuran amphibian Xenopus laevis were put to test on the Sounding Rocket and were successfully fertilized under microgravity!

Don’t you see how beautiful nature is in carrying forward life on this beautiful planet? When we try and comprehend the millions or different species thrive, we are struck with awe for the complexity of the world we share.

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