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The mystery of flowers
The mystery of flowers

Since days of yore, individuals have cultivated blossoming plants not just to satisfy their eyes but for different necessities: they were utilized in medication, in ward off evil eye, to adorn hair and during penances. For the most part, in folklore, plants were the formation of the divine forces of ripeness, which individuals revered. In old Greece, Demeter was worshipped as the goddess of richness and agribusiness, and Dionysus – the divine force of the productive powers of the earth, the benefactor holy person of winemakers. Thus, wonderful Flora was adored – the goddess of blossoms, blooming, spring, and richness in old Rome. In old Egypt, the god Nefertum was venerated. 

Indeed, even in Japanese folklore, one can discover data that blossoms are images of human characteristics (genuineness, fortitude, youth, kinship) and seasons. Chrysanthemum, Sakura, bamboo and orchid were lauded by Japanese artists. In old China, peony was viewed as their preferred blossom. The divine beings belittled the rearing of this bloom since it represented the male standard, love, bliss and riches. The hues were additionally ascribed to enchanted properties. Numerous legends are collapsed about blossoms and therapeutic plants. 

So the fantasies about plants with a surprising type of a bloom, leaves, or a splendid smell showed up. Individuals tried to study and understand plants to clarify the difference in seasons, the meaning of life, and death on earth. In the East, the old sages stated: “If you need to be glad for your entire life, plant blossoms”. Blossoms have consistently been a significant piece of festivities, the conjuring of Gods and worn to invite divine favors. 

Flower species have advanced over centuries to grow exceptionally specific properties that permit them to endure. While a few blossoms are molded to welcome a specific pollinator, some advanced to forestall certain species. In this series of #PlantScienceFacts, we will bring you some of the interesting flowers and their qualities. Do you have a favorite flower or story you can tell us about a flower? We would love to hear that from you.

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