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The Konkan fruit festival

Now that we know of many festivals around food and music around the world, let us find out some closer to home starting from the west coast.

Konkan Fruit Fest 2016 | 22 - 24 April, Panaji Goa. Organise… | Flickr

We have our own fruit festival on the west shoreline of India in Goa – The Konkan fruit festival. More than 20,000 individuals visit this festival (the number is growing) and they wonder about the huge varieties of organic fruits, some not all that famous, some nearly overlooked, that are brought to the celebration by farmers from all over the Konkan belt. The Botanical Society of Goa (BSG) has encouraged the Konkan Fruit Fest in Panaji since May 2003.

The festival aims to build consciousness of the sheer large number of delicious fruits that are accessible in the local markets. The expectation is that with this knowledge, the interest for these natural fruits will increase and therefore farmers will be encouraged to grow more of them and help the general public with a more extensive variety of healthfully natural fruits.

The Konkan Fruit Festival is the ideal spot for every one of those people concealed away in the distant corners of the region to exhibit their natural fruit-based items, for example, sticks, pickles, jams dried fruit and even wines.

Accompanied with the fruits are musicians, art, organic artefacts, painting and lot more celebration. The beauty and majesty of Konkan culture is slowly finding its voice to the forefront with the Konkan Fruit Festival and there is every reason for us to visit this beautiful place next time.

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Pic Credit: Joe GoaUK

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