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Tags: plantscience

5 Monsoon Skincare Tips

The arrival of the monsoon right after the scorching summer heat brings a lot of happiness and relief to most of us. Despite heavy showers of rain and having to walk around with an umbrella, this is a more preferred season than summer, since the rise in mercury level tends to devoid us of all […]

Know your Grass

In continuation of our series on various grasses in sports, let us examine the grasses used in golf. Bentgrass It is also used on golf courses and grows thick. It is thick and can withstand heavy traffic. But the grass can not tolerate consistent heat and requires a small quantity of water to stay green. […]

Why Are Yoga Asanas Named After Animals?

Dogs, cobras, cows, cats, and many other animals find a mention when it comes to lending their names and posture to various yogic poses. Some of the poses or asanas also depict the birds. While it is interesting that these asanas are named after animals, it is not clear if they were named so just […]

Plants can moan

If you have been following our blog for sometime, you would have read about the various skills plants have which we couldn’t believe existed before – Plants have vision, can hear sounds, can experience pain and many more such capabilities that make us respect them more. Today, we will know about the distress call plants […]

Ants to the rescue

We often do not credit plants for their smart behaviour. You would be amazed to know some facts about how plants can influence their environment to suit their purpose. We see a lot of co-operation between various species and how they work in tandem to fight an enemy. Plants can call for help and enlist […]

Can plants hear?

There is an Indian folktale in the Panchatantra about a barber getting privy of the King’s mystery. He is cautioned not to tell anybody or he would be executed. In any case, he can’t hold the secret to himself. So he strolls deep into the jungle and when he feels safe that there is no […]

Largest Lily Leaf!

What are the absolute largest leaves on the planet? All things considered, think about how enormous can a few leaves get! Perhaps one of the greatest leaves belongs to the Giant Amazon Water Lily, which develops roughly 4 feet in measurement – on the little side!  The leaves of the goliath Amazon water lily can […]

Can plants feel touch?

We all think plants are gentle, and believe that they respond to human touch. Some Australian scientists have found evidence that they can feel the touch. Lead researcher Olivier Van Aken, professor at the University of Western Australia, mentions that “Although people generally assume plants don’t feel when they are being touched, this shows that they […]