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Tags: plants secondary metabolites

Do Plants Produce a Slippery Substance To Keep Ants Away?

Although the ants often mutualize with seed dispersals for plants, they rarely participate in pollination. More often than not, when it comes to flowers, the ants negatively affect crops that act as nectar thieves and scare away with their aggressive presence of legitimate pollinators. Therefore, it is useful for nectar plants to develop mechanisms that […]

Is It A Leaf Or An Insect?

What if leaves can walk? When you look at a leaf during this season that seems to walk and nibble at other leaves, you might find a small face and pointy legs. When a giant Malaysian leaf insect is nibbling on the leaves of a guava or mango tree, you’ll have to look closely. These […]

3 Nutritional Mushrooms

Although they are fungi, mushrooms are classified as “vegetables” in the culinary world. They are also used as a meat substitute in meatless dishes due to how well they absorb the flavours of the dish – and some mushrooms are naturally umami (or savoury, like many types of meat). They can also be used to […]

Countries With Plants on Their Flags

When I was a kid, I had a hobby of collecting flags from different countries. Though many things have changed, still, some children have this hobby. We collect them and keep them as our memory. But did you notice how it is created, why every flag has unique elements in it, etc.? Probably not! Recently, […]

17 orange facts you didn’t know

Oranges are associated a lot more than just a fruit or a citrus juice solution. Since thousands of years oranges have gained quite a bit of popularity in evoking various associations like being wealthy, symbol of fertility, abundance, immortality, longevity and beauty. In the Middle Eastern cultures people have always loved orange trees and fruits. […]

Honey producing cattle – Aphids

Aphids are herbivores. They suck plant juices out of the leaves, stems, or roots of plants. The juices they drink often have much more sugar than protein. These little colonies of small bugs live around a plant and mostly try to hide from our sight. But they generate special interest for other interesting creatures – […]

21 Kangaroo facts you didn’t know

Kangaroos are one of the most fascinating creatures on the Earth and here are some cool facts you didn’t know. If you are planning a trip to Australia, make sure you visit one of the sanctuaries that have Kangaroos and your time would be worth it. 21 Cool Kangaroo facts: 1.Joey, when born, is the […]

Pungent addiction

Do you like pungent smells or do you run away from them? Human mind is a mystery on many levels,  and we are still trying to decipher the depth to which we understand its capacity. Developing likeness to certain types of smells is an amazing trick your brain plays with you. Let me explain.  A […]