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Tags: plant secondary metabolites

5 Monsoon Skincare Tips

The arrival of the monsoon right after the scorching summer heat brings a lot of happiness and relief to most of us. Despite heavy showers of rain and having to walk around with an umbrella, this is a more preferred season than summer, since the rise in mercury level tends to devoid us of all […]

Why does the onion smell so strong?

Onions are probably the only vegetable that makes you take note of their strong, pungent smell and can make you shed tears (other than their skyrocketing prices). While onions have over 85% water, tiny amounts of protein, fat and fibre, another significant contribution comes from carbohydrates that account for around 8-10%. Onions are also rich […]

Do Plants Favour Relatives?

How Root Exudates Play a Major Role in Plant Survival One of the most interesting things about nature is the study of how plants have evolved defence mechanisms to contend with a harsh and unforgiving environment. Like all living things, plants must constantly defend themselves against predators, parasites, harmful bacteria, and other threats. They have […]

Mushrooms with Medicinal Values

Though some may dismiss medicinal food, medical researchers have demonstrated how prescribed diets can be used to reduce health risks. Mushrooms are one such functional food. There are currently 38,000 medicinal mushroom species that have been discovered and classified. Certain fungi and their extracts have even been shown to have anti-cancer properties due to their […]

Can Ants Shrink and Regrow Their Brains?

For most ant colonies, there is a simple hierarchy: a single queen lays all the eggs, and a caste system of workers manages everything else – food gathering, baby ants, war, etc. The rest of the ants are sterile, only males & queens can reproduce. The colony normally dies when the Queen dies. The Indian […]


In continuation of our series on edible mushrooms, especially some of whom you would find in high-end supermarkets and restaurants, you would love what we are discussing today. Check out our series on mushrooms on our blog (link in bio). Saffron Milkcap This mushroom often surprises people when they see an orange mushroom covered in […]

Strategies to Deter Nectar Thieves

Can plants use techniques to keep unwanted guests away? Kind of enforcing boundaries where they keep certain visitors out while attracting others? It seems that way when you see the plight of ants that try to steal sweet nectar away from them. Although the ants often mutualize with seed dispersals for plants, they rarely participate […]

Kumquat: Small fist, Big PUNCH

The funny sounding tiny tots of citrus family are just about 2- 2.5 cms in diameter but are richly packed with multiple nutritional benefits from the big doses of Vitamin C(73% of RDI) , Fiber (26% of RDI) and Vitamin A (10% of RDI) and antioxidants in 100 gms of  serving which is about 4-5 fruits. […]

Rising to the challenge

Often we wonder the mysteries hidden by the creator for us to unravel and wonder. One such mystery we now know is the expertise plants use to disguise themselves from predators. Did you know that Stinkhorn, a fungus of the order Phallales (phylum Basidiomycota, kingdom Fungi), typified by a phalluslike, ill-smelling fruiting body? Stinkhorns produce […]