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Tags: Plant Science Defence strategies

How Plants Use Resin to Protect Themselves from Injury

It is truly wonderful how all living beings have evolved to protect themselves from threats. Even plants have evolved to come up with superb defence strategies that keep them properly safe and protected from a wide variety of serious threats. Resin is an organic compound that is generally produced by specific trees in response to […]

Blood Shooting Lizard

Having a rugged body might come naturally to the horned lizard and it sure appreciates it. In the semi-arid environments of North and Central America, the horned lizard uses its flatted shape, mud-coloured body and almost frog-like appearance to camouflage itself in the soil. While the spins on its body and the scary-looking horns on […]

Invasive Species Of Plants in India

While most plants are local, we have some plants that spread across territories alien to them and grow aggressively. These are species that grow and spread quickly and have the potential to cause harm are called ‘invasive’. They can threaten plants, animals, or any other aspect of biodiversity. Invasive plant species are usually found in […]