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Camphor & Eucalyptus, the chemical cousins

Some plants are so close to one another that you keep thinking they might be related, though they are not similar. When you are in search of identifying plants that can cure human ailments, this becomes critical. Let us look at some of them. The camphor tree is native to China and is one of […]

The Parental Imprint

Every member of the species carries some part of its parent in it self and it is almost certain that the parents come together in contributing their share to the child. However, in some cases it is quite different. In our series on strange reproduction behavior in animals, today we will examine the special fertilizations […]

Weed facts which are true

Among a limited number of topics that can divide doctors is the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Questions are raised about its safety, control, addiction, side effects and so on. The plant has amazed researchers, doctors, scientists all the same for its magical powers. While smoking or possessing marijuana is not legal in India, […]

Can music keep mosquitoes away?

Don’t we all hate mosquitoes? Some of us also are allergic to the sprays and the fumes that are emitted when we heat up bug repellant coils. What if there was an easier and much more pleasant solution? Mosquitoes have been known to spoil precious moments you plan to spend outside in the evenings or […]

Pollination by Mosquitoes

Did you know there are around 3,500 mosquito species? A significant number of these need nothing to do with gnawing people or some other creature. Indeed, even in species that bite, it is just the females that do as they need human blood to build up their eggs. The major food of all grown-up mosquitoes […]

The Battle of Enfarinats

We have celebrated Holi and also might have heard of the Tomatina festival of Spain but have you heard of people throwing wheat flour, eggs at each other all in good sport? Well, then you go to visit the town of Ibi in Spain. During this crazy festival which is being celebrated for over 200 […]

Some animals can use chlorophyll to generate energy

Did you know that some animals use chlorophyll to generate energy? Elysia cholorotica, a sea slug found off the U.S. East Coast, can steal photosynthetic plastids from algae and survive by basking in the sun. Yes. You read it right. According to research by Sidney K Pierce, the sea slug Elysia chlorotica eats algae, but […]