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Angina, Nitroglycerin & Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel is one of the most respected names in science, and his legacy is honoured today when the best contributions for various fields of science are recognized and awarded with the Nobel prizes. You might also know him as an inventor par excellence, chemist with an expertise in the field of explosives and a […]

Tribology – The study of interacting surfaces

The study of surfaces moving relative to each other is known as tribology, and it is a Greek word. The word “trib” means “I rub” and a big part of it is friction. Tribology was started in the 1960s by the lubrication expert Peter Jost and the physicist David Tabor. However, around 5000 years back, […]

Nagpur World Orange festival

The World Orange festival was conceptualized and curated by the government of Maharashtra and is held in Nagpur in the last week of December or early January every year. Though it is a new entrant to the world of food festivals, the World Orange Festival has garnered a huge response from all. During this time, […]