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Tags: Plant protein

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Plant-Based Protein

There’s no denying that of the three macronutrients—fat, carbs, and protein, protein is currently the one that receives the most attention. This nutrient is popular for good reasons. It helps you grow muscle and repair tissue after working out, maintains fluid balance, strengthens your immune system, produces hormones and enzymes, and more. In recent years, […]

Do plants bleed?

Well, it looks like some do! Hydnellum Peckii is a funnel-shaped fungus that has an interesting way of appearing as it grows up. While its unusual appearance has earned its notorious names as the bleeding Hydnellum, red-juice tooth or the most common – Devil’s tooth, it grows to be a brown dull adult. The whitish […]

Do pitcher plants trap salamanders too?

We know that pitcher plants are carnivorous as they have modified leaves called traps. These traps include the prey-trapping mechanism and feature a cavity comprising digestive liquid. The traps are formed by the specialized leaves and these plants make the best use of their nectars to attract their prey. Understanding Things about Pitcher Plants’ Chosen […]

Enjoy natural blemishless skin

As we continue to write about natural ways to keep your skin healthy, we believe you should not be plonking harmful chemicals on your skin. Not only do these chemicals hurt the skin and strip it of its natural glow, overusing them can cause dangerous skin diseases later on.  Plant Science recommends that you always […]

How to rejuvenate your skin naturally

 The summer is almost here. As much as I like it with all the visits to beaches, tall glasses filled with juices and the summer breeze, I also get tensed about my skin. It’s the time of the year when you can’t stay inside the blankets anymore or cover your dry skin underneath the warmth […]

DIY skincare techniques for healthy skin

Do you want to get healthy skin without burning a hole in your pocket? Then these DIY skincare techniques can help you to achieve the skin of your dreams. While your kitchen might be equipped with all that your skin needs, not everything is cut-out to apply on your skin. Thus, I have created a […]

Simple home remedies for skin care

Though it protects our body with fervor, your skin is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. Easily exposed to the elements, your skin tends to effected easily. With winter wrecking havoc and summer around the corner, you must be looking for some simple tips for taking care of your skin with […]

Tips for Natural Skin Care

There was a time when people used to be obsessed with chemical-based beauty products to make their skin glow, temporarily. Gladly, over time people have learnt and understood the harmful effects of such products, and the need to gather knowledge about all the natural skincare products have rejuvenated. But with the rise of internet and […]

Do plants attract suitors by their flashy colours?

Relationship between Colors Of Flower And Insects We all admire the beautiful colors of various flowers. Colors play a huge role in determining the flower. The beautiful colors in red roses, and happy yellow sunflowers, are seen because of the same reason people have black or blonde hair. Have you ever wondered about the origin […]