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Tags: natural skincare

Can the African Jacana Walk on Water?

Blessed with long, slender legs and interestingly long toes that make their walking look classy, the African Jacana is quite incredible to look at. While they have not yet mastered the art of walking on water, these ‘Lilly-trotters’ walk on floating plankton, grass and water lilies. As the weight of the bird is supported pushes the vegetation […]

5 Most Poisonous Mushrooms

Mushrooms are enjoyed by many people all over the world, and are a divisive food that diners either love or despise. Those who enjoy eating fungi, on the other hand, must be cautious about which mushrooms they consume, as approximately 30 wild species are known to be consistently fatal due to high levels of toxicity, […]

How Birds Help Study Mercury Contamination

Did you know we study Mercury contamination by assessing bird feathers? The contamination of our ecosystem by Mercury is growing every day and its impact needs to be measured. Studies show Mercury is a global pollutant and mostly for wetlands. Birds aid in the biomonitoring of mercury in our ecosystem. Scientists research few bird species […]