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Do plants bleed?

Well, it looks like some do! Hydnellum Peckii is a funnel-shaped fungus that has an interesting way of appearing as it grows up. While its unusual appearance has earned its notorious names as the bleeding Hydnellum, red-juice tooth or the most common – Devil’s tooth, it grows to be a brown dull adult. The whitish […]

Why Do Crocodiles Swallow Stones?

When you are a crocodile, your diet has many things that are not at all easy. Whether it is the decaying carcasses you find or the smaller animals you manage to capture, you are bound to have digestive issues. How can a crocodile help itself with digestive problems? Let me explain. We already spoke at […]

Faking In Humans When They Fall In Football

Did you ever watch live football matches? If so, you will know that soccer players seem dramatic and tend to exaggerate their ordinary fouls. Last night, dad and I watched a Football match where we saw a famous player suddenly fall. All the other players and we also thought that he was severely hurt. But […]

Unconventional love stories from India

Valentine’s day has finally approached. A day to bestow love and admiration upon that every person who holds a special place in your heart. And, whose presence has been marked with golden letters in your life. Several stories are there surrounding this special day, and the bond of love, in general. But today, I am […]

Valentine and Kamadeva, the Indian Cupid

The most delightful season of the year, Spring is here! And I could not be more excited. As the flowers have started blooming in my backyard garden, I can sense the arrival of the day-of-love just around the corner. Don’t you? Valentine and the Indian Cupid Valentine’s day often gets connected with the Cupid — […]

7 facts you didn’t know about your Christmas tree

Did you know Christmas trees are not just a Christmas tradition alone? For ages people in many countries believed that having an evergreen would keep witches, evil spirits and illness away. Around the winter solstice, ancient people believed that the sun god was weak in this time but will come back healthy and powerful. Having […]

Pollination by Mosquitoes

Did you know there are around 3,500 mosquito species? A significant number of these need nothing to do with gnawing people or some other creature. Indeed, even in species that bite, it is just the females that do as they need human blood to build up their eggs. The major food of all grown-up mosquitoes […]