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Tags: natural product

Say No To Dry Hands

The ultra-nourishing hand cream by Plant Science absorbs deeply, ensuring your hands remain conditioned, moisturized, and nourished throughout the day. This herbal composition has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties that keep your hands bacteria-free while restoring the skin’s pH balance. PLANT SCIENCE HAND CREAM: Keeps hands soft and hydrated Keeps bacterial infections at bay Anti-inflammatory and […]

How Birds Help Study Mercury Contamination

Did you know we study Mercury contamination by assessing bird feathers? The contamination of our ecosystem by Mercury is growing every day and its impact needs to be measured. Studies show Mercury is a global pollutant and mostly for wetlands. Birds aid in the biomonitoring of mercury in our ecosystem. Scientists research few bird species […]

Caring for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is one of the most difficult skin types to deal with. Although the term “sensitive skin” has been generalised, it vastly varies from one individual to another. The generalisation takes into consideration all type of skin conditions encountered by people who have sensitive skin which can be quite reactive. Thus, harsh chemical-based products […]

5 best plants for your skin

The royal poinciana tree in my garden is blooming. The gorgeous red flowers have added panache to the elegance of it. But honestly, it is not only about how beautiful my plants make my backyard look. I’m somewhat more interested in knowing the beneficial properties that the plants come with. And knowledge is the key […]

Smelly feet are mosquito magnets

When you are out in a public place with your friends, did you find some of them get stung by mosquitoes more often than others? You might have found it strange that mosquitoes seek out few people in particular in a group. You are right, there is a selective procedure being followed here and you […]

Joey and the changes in Kangaroo’s milk

Kangaroos are one of the most fascinating mammals on Earth. Though physically limited to the Australian continent, they are well known across the world for their unique features – standing on hind legs, having a strong tail, ability to box, carrying their babies in their pouches and strong jumping capabilities. Today, we are going to […]

Plant Science Hand Sanitiser review

How would you review a hand sanitiser? All of them say they clean up to 99% of the germs. All say you would experience a cleansing like never before. And, all of them say the best price. Now how would you differentiate a great hand sanitiser with a good one? Here we go. 1. Check […]

Sweet tasting beard & invention of Saccharin

Isn’t it interesting that some of the discoveries happened because of pure luck or as they called ‘accidents’? Yes, in this series of of interesting facts, we explore some of the common things most of us don’t know.  Though it is widely used as a substitute for sugar, especially as a diabetic-friendly sweetening agent, did […]