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Tags: Invasive plant species in India

Some Invasive Plants in India

While there are more than few thousand species of plants that are invasive and have taken over many areas in India, here are some of the common ones we see around us. How many of them have you seen or can recognise? Check out our posts about invasive species in India and their strategies. #InvasivePlantSpecies […]

Why are invasive plants so successful?

Invasive species grab the land from other species and grow and spread. Make it difficult for local species to survive. They extract nutrients from the earth, which belonged to others. But to do this, they need to overcome competition, fight against local animal predators, adapt to the local atmospheric conditions, smart use of local resources. […]

Invasive Species Of Plants in India

While most plants are local, we have some plants that spread across territories alien to them and grow aggressively. These are species that grow and spread quickly and have the potential to cause harm are called ‘invasive’. They can threaten plants, animals, or any other aspect of biodiversity. Invasive plant species are usually found in […]