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Tags: interesting facts on plants

Effects of Anesthetics On Plants

It has now been 175 years since anaesthesia was used on humans, but we still don’t know much about its mechanism. It was introduced to serve a medical purpose, but an anaesthetic drug’s effects on the nervous system are not apparent. We, as curious human beings, want to know the reason behind it. Well, researchers […]

Meet the Dancing Mushroom

Mushrooms are not a special treat anymore as more and more people are including them in their regular diet. Some exotic varieties are believed to help heal diseases along with their nutritional value. Some of the rare ones are mentioned in our blog and we have two special ones today for you. Head out to […]

17 orange facts you didn’t know

Oranges are associated a lot more than just a fruit or a citrus juice solution. Since thousands of years oranges have gained quite a bit of popularity in evoking various associations like being wealthy, symbol of fertility, abundance, immortality, longevity and beauty. In the Middle Eastern cultures people have always loved orange trees and fruits. […]

Roses as big as cabbages

Tree Peony is one of the largest flowers. Though it is a little shrub that is only 10 feet high, but the tree peony flowers are disproportionately large. Some can even be more than 20 inches in diameter. Marco Polo is said to have called peonies “roses as big as cabbages.” In China, peony paintings […]

Sweet talk and drops of nectar.

The next in our series of masters of disguise is Broad-Leaved Helleborine:The broad-leaved helleborine is a sub-species of orchid that have evolved physiological and morphological tactics to help them attract social wasps, which are their main pollinating agents. They trick pollinators into visiting their flowers. Some attract males by mimicking the sight and smells of females. […]