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5 Monsoon Skincare Tips

The arrival of the monsoon right after the scorching summer heat brings a lot of happiness and relief to most of us. Despite heavy showers of rain and having to walk around with an umbrella, this is a more preferred season than summer, since the rise in mercury level tends to devoid us of all […]

RIP Bedlight. Hello Glowing Plants

Very soon the lighting industry is going to a jolt, especially in the area of night lamps as they are going to be blown away by the latest entrant in the market – a glowing plant! Scientists have used the bioluminescent properties of mushrooms to create ornamental house plants with long-lasting leaves and flowers.The use […]

Things You Must Do For Great Skin

According to skincare specialists, having a proper skincare regimen in place is necessary. But, it is important to change the skincare regimen with changing season. The change in humidity intensifies the problem related to dry skin. Thus, it is best to make changes as you go along through different seasons. Here are some techniques prescribed […]

Skincare secrets from PlantScience

Healthy skin is like a way to happiness. The radiance of your skin can boost your confidence. However, not always it becomes possible to spend hours on an intensive skincare routine. Thus, today I have brought together ten tips, following which will help you get healthy skin. Before getting started, this is a skincare routine. […]

Dead stick walking!

One of the fantastic insects that camouflage as plants are Walking sticks, or stick insects. Stick insects are actually not a single species, but an entire order of insects that have evolved to resemble twigs and branches of plants to escape predators. They escape predation by blending into plant material. As their name suggests, they […]

Trust me, I am a plant!

Each of us are imbibed with an inbuilt passion to survive. May be we get it in our genes and may be it is recorded in our DNA too. While some of it is learnt during the lifetime of the species, most of it is passed on from their previous generations and their struggle for […]

The “Praying” Mantis

Today in our series of #Mastersofdisguise we are meeting an undeniably impressive insect – The praying mantis. Carnivorous and maser of camouflage, the praying mantis gets its name for the way their front legs are bent in a “praying” motion. Most mantis species are coloured green or brown so they can blend in with leaves and foliage […]

Bar for insects!

If you have not heard yet, you do now – Rafflesia. Considered as the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia arnoldii gives off the odor of stinking flesh to attract flies, blowflies, etc., that will act as their pollinating agents. Carrion flies swarm to Rafflesia, attracted by the scent of rotting meat—reportedly strongest around noon on the third or fourth […]

Rising to the challenge

Often we wonder the mysteries hidden by the creator for us to unravel and wonder. One such mystery we now know is the expertise plants use to disguise themselves from predators. Did you know that Stinkhorn, a fungus of the order Phallales (phylum Basidiomycota, kingdom Fungi), typified by a phalluslike, ill-smelling fruiting body? Stinkhorns produce […]