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How Birds Help Study Mercury Contamination

Did you know we study Mercury contamination by assessing bird feathers? The contamination of our ecosystem by Mercury is growing every day and its impact needs to be measured. Studies show Mercury is a global pollutant and mostly for wetlands. Birds aid in the biomonitoring of mercury in our ecosystem. Scientists research few bird species […]

Talipot Palm’s final flourish

As we continue to explore the biggest flowers in the world, we have a special appearance from India. This massive flower belongs to the Talipot Palm.The Coryphaumbraculifera plant, also known as the talipot palm, is a native of India and Srilanka and has huge flowers that are 6 to 8 metres long consisting of one to several million […]

Tital Arum, the Corpse flower

Meet the Tital Arum, which has the largest inflorescence in the world! Just like Rafflesia, it has an odor or a rotting corpse and hence the name – Corpse flower.   The plant’s inflorescence reaches to over 10 ft in height and consists of a fragrant spadix/group of flowers wrapped by a large petal.  The “fragrance” […]

Fire-cracking beauty

A typical sight in South Indian gardens, the orange-toned kanakambaram, is a modest plant whose seeds pack a punch. In spite of the fact that they don’t have any aroma like the jasmine flower, the firecracker is noted for its splendid bright shading. It blooms the entire year around and its blossoms are mostly used […]

World’s biggest organism

World’s biggest organism Fast, think about the biggest life-form ever. What’d you thought of? A dinosaur? Apologies, no — there’s bigger. You might say a blue whale? No! There is a great chance that you are thinking about the biggest creature, but we said ‘life form’. Well, we’re discussing the “humongous growth,” a colony of […]

8 storey tall leaves

In the wild, once in a while size does make a difference. What’s more, with regards to the plant with the biggest leaves, the champ is Raphia regalis, a types of Raffia Palm having a place with the palm tree family Arecaceae.  Raphia regalis is local to Angola, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, […]

Largest Lily Leaf!

What are the absolute largest leaves on the planet? All things considered, think about how enormous can a few leaves get! Perhaps one of the greatest leaves belongs to the Giant Amazon Water Lily, which develops roughly 4 feet in measurement – on the little side!  The leaves of the goliath Amazon water lily can […]

Dressed to scare!

Unlike the comedy or improve stage, in the natural world, mimicry isn’t entertainment; it’s a deadly serious game spanning a range of senses — sight, smell, and hearing. While some try to survive, there are some who mastered this art and some of the most striking visual mimics are butterflies. Many butterflies become noxious and […]