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Tags: Food facts


In continuation of our series on edible mushrooms, especially some of whom you would find in high-end supermarkets and restaurants, you would love what we are discussing today. Check out our series on mushrooms on our blog (link in bio). Saffron Milkcap This mushroom often surprises people when they see an orange mushroom covered in […]

Natural Immunity Builders

This pandemic showed us that good immunity is much better than modern medicine. Immunity is the capability to fight with harmful effects of microbes. There are many medicines to improve your immunity but some foods, fruits, vegetables, and species are the natural ways to boost your immunity. Here are a few of them. Ghee has […]

Is Glass Gem Corn Real? Can You Eat It?

There aren’t many vegetables with a Facebook page, let alone one with nearly 19,000 followers, but “Glass Gem” corn is one of a kind. Because of its translucent, rainbow-coloured kernels, it became an Internet sensation. Growers of Glass Gem claim that the crop has inspired thousands of people to participate in seed saving and reconnect […]

17 orange facts you didn’t know

Oranges are associated a lot more than just a fruit or a citrus juice solution. Since thousands of years oranges have gained quite a bit of popularity in evoking various associations like being wealthy, symbol of fertility, abundance, immortality, longevity and beauty. In the Middle Eastern cultures people have always loved orange trees and fruits. […]

Sweet tasting beard & invention of Saccharin

Isn’t it interesting that some of the discoveries happened because of pure luck or as they called ‘accidents’? Yes, in this series of of interesting facts, we explore some of the common things most of us don’t know.  Though it is widely used as a substitute for sugar, especially as a diabetic-friendly sweetening agent, did […]