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Do Plants Have Consciousness?

Do you have a feeling that your plants can sense how your mood is or how you are feeling on a particular day? While in some stories and some plant parents have experience where plants respond as if they can understand what you are going through, just like your pet, this is not proven. For […]

How do sunflowers chase the Sun?

One of the most fascinating flowers on Earth that trace the movement of a star so systematically is the sunflower. If you have ever been in a sunflower field on a sunny morning, you would experience sheer joy as the flowers warm up to the Sun and follow its path. We all know that the […]

5 PlantScience facts you didn’t know

While we think plants are non-mobile and are stuck at one point due to their physical constraints, the latest research in the field of Plant Science shows that plants are a lot smarter than they appear. At Atrimed Plant Science, we dedicate our research capabilities to unravel the secrets of Plants and understand the science […]

Plant Science Hand Sanitiser review

How would you review a hand sanitiser? All of them say they clean up to 99% of the germs. All say you would experience a cleansing like never before. And, all of them say the best price. Now how would you differentiate a great hand sanitiser with a good one? Here we go. 1. Check […]