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Do Plants Have Memories?

Looks like they do! After spending years researching on the ‘sensitive plant’ – mimosa, Monica Gagliano found some interesting traits. We all know Mimosa pudica is a plant known for its defensive techniques and we have covered it many times on our blog too. When it feels something hostile, the leaves of the mimosa curl up or […]

Ancient Uses of Plant Resin

Natural resin is one of the most versatile substances that you can find. It is a sticky substance that is secreted generally by coniferous trees as a means of protection. It is toxic towards insects and herbivores and helps to keep the tree protected from harm. Resin has been harvested and used by humans since […]

Insomnia Facts You Didn’t Know

If you are irritable after a night of disturbed sleep, you are not alone. Sleeplessness is one of the fastest-growing diseases troubling people all around the world. Here are some disturbing facts about insomnia you didn’t know. 😴Over 69% of men and 75% of women wake up at least once every night 😴Over 57% of […]