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Tags: Crazy festivals

Sulphur’s Application In Our Lives

Perhaps none of us cared when we heard that 3% of the Earth comprises of Sulphur. Old legends used to claim that, and based on the most recent estimates, it was found to be true. It was the first time scientists had come up with some conclusive geochemical evidence. Did you know all life on […]

7 pumpkin facts you didn’t know

Pumpkins facts & health benefits Pumpkins originated in North America around 5500 BC Pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables Pumpkins grow (almost) everywhere Pumpkin word originated from “pompions,” which meant ‘gross melons’ Pumpkins are 90% water Pumpkins are full of valuable nutrients, high in antioxidants Pumpkins are linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers They […]

Nagpur World Orange festival

The World Orange festival was conceptualized and curated by the government of Maharashtra and is held in Nagpur in the last week of December or early January every year. Though it is a new entrant to the world of food festivals, the World Orange Festival has garnered a huge response from all. During this time, […]

The Konkan fruit festival

Now that we know of many festivals around food and music around the world, let us find out some closer to home starting from the west coast. We have our own fruit festival on the west shoreline of India in Goa – The Konkan fruit festival. More than 20,000 individuals visit this festival (the number […]

The Battle of Oranges

This festival of throwing oranges at each other is the largest food fight in Italy. It is celebrated in the city of Ivrea, where thousands of locals gather and divide into nine combat teams and then throw oranges at each other. The Orange Battle, or Battaglia Delle Arance to locals, is a three-day festival celebrated […]

Mud festivals you shouldn’t miss

If, as a child, you had an opportunity of playing with elements, you would have enjoyed playing with mud! many of us still love creating something nice out of the mud. While the finer art of turning clay into artefacts has lured many, the childish joy of playing is always an allure. Imagine this as […]

Japan’s Bean-throwing Festival : Setsubun

If you have been following our posts, you would have definitely enjoyed the arious #Crazy Festivals, we have been covering. Today we are introducing you to the famous bean throwing festival from the island of the rising sun – Japan. Traditionally known as Setsuban, is celebrated at the beginning of spring. This festival is celebrated […]

Haro Wine festival

Continuing our list of crazy festivals all across the world, today we are in Spain to talk about something you might like! Spaniards always have a desire to have a good time to roll. The country is full of thrilling festivals happening all year round. One such exciting festival is Wine fight, known locally as […]