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Do Plants Listen?

If you ever spend enough time around #plantDads or #plantMoms you will find them sharing secrets or singing a lullaby to their #plantbabies. When you probe a little more, they might argue that their plants listen to what they say and I have seen a couple of #plantparents say that the plants respond to their […]

DIY skincare techniques for healthy skin

Do you want to get healthy skin without burning a hole in your pocket? Then these DIY skincare techniques can help you to achieve the skin of your dreams. While your kitchen might be equipped with all that your skin needs, not everything is cut-out to apply on your skin. Thus, I have created a […]

Tips for Natural Skin Care

There was a time when people used to be obsessed with chemical-based beauty products to make their skin glow, temporarily. Gladly, over time people have learnt and understood the harmful effects of such products, and the need to gather knowledge about all the natural skincare products have rejuvenated. But with the rise of internet and […]

Are the stars in constellation fixed?

When we look up at the night sky to see the stars, we are amazed at the vast brilliance above us. Especially when you realize that you are on a small rocky, blue planet swirling across this massive, unimaginable ocean of stars. Though there are billions of stars in the sky, there are very few […]

Ants help pollinate just like bees #PlantScienceFacts

Did you know ants have a symbiotic relation with plants and help in pollination?The biological term “symbiosis” refers to what economists usually call a win-win situation: a relationship between two partners which is beneficial to both. The plants not just provide food and accommodation in the form of food bodies, seeds and nectar as well […]

Some animals can use chlorophyll to generate energy

Did you know that some animals use chlorophyll to generate energy? Elysia cholorotica, a sea slug found off the U.S. East Coast, can steal photosynthetic plastids from algae and survive by basking in the sun. Yes. You read it right. According to research by Sidney K Pierce, the sea slug Elysia chlorotica eats algae, but […]

Bees too have addiction to coffee..

Just like us, bees are addicted to caffeine as well and hence they return to the same plants when flowers bloom. When you think about this, the plants are actually controlling the way their seeds and pollen are sent out to regenerate and thereby attracting the bees. Isn’t it interesting to see how a small […]

What Should You Know About Chemical Hand Sanitizer?

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, very few people cared about hand sanitizers. But now things have changed as they have become one of the essential accessories when you are out on the road, especially liquid, alcohol-based ones. They are in no way a replacement for thorough hand-washing, but when you do not have access to […]