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Mud festivals you shouldn’t miss

If, as a child, you had an opportunity of playing with elements, you would have enjoyed playing with mud! many of us still love creating something nice out of the mud. While the finer art of turning clay into artefacts has lured many, the childish joy of playing is always an allure. Imagine this as […]

Some animals can use chlorophyll to generate energy

Did you know that some animals use chlorophyll to generate energy? Elysia cholorotica, a sea slug found off the U.S. East Coast, can steal photosynthetic plastids from algae and survive by basking in the sun. Yes. You read it right. According to research by Sidney K Pierce, the sea slug Elysia chlorotica eats algae, but […]

Plants can regenerate, why don’t we?

Did you know that most plants can regrow even when 90% of their biomass gets destroyed? That is an extraordinary resilience exhibited by plants and we are excited about that. What if we can capture that resilience in our lives? What if we can learn from the rejuvenating secrets plants have to offer? Well, that […]