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Tags: beautiful skin

5 best plants for your skin

The royal poinciana tree in my garden is blooming. The gorgeous red flowers have added panache to the elegance of it. But honestly, it is not only about how beautiful my plants make my backyard look. I’m somewhat more interested in knowing the beneficial properties that the plants come with. And knowledge is the key […]

Natural, Beautiful YOU

Beauty trends come and go, but one set to turn the industry on its head in 2021, according to social media platform Pinterest, is skinimalism. The movement, highlighted in its Trend Prediction Report, refers to how women are embracing a more sustainable, pared-down beauty routine, one that has been gaining momentum since the start of […]

17 orange facts you didn’t know

Oranges are associated a lot more than just a fruit or a citrus juice solution. Since thousands of years oranges have gained quite a bit of popularity in evoking various associations like being wealthy, symbol of fertility, abundance, immortality, longevity and beauty. In the Middle Eastern cultures people have always loved orange trees and fruits. […]

Tital Arum, the Corpse flower

Meet the Tital Arum, which has the largest inflorescence in the world! Just like Rafflesia, it has an odor or a rotting corpse and hence the name – Corpse flower.   The plant’s inflorescence reaches to over 10 ft in height and consists of a fragrant spadix/group of flowers wrapped by a large petal.  The “fragrance” […]

Fire-cracking beauty

A typical sight in South Indian gardens, the orange-toned kanakambaram, is a modest plant whose seeds pack a punch. In spite of the fact that they don’t have any aroma like the jasmine flower, the firecracker is noted for its splendid bright shading. It blooms the entire year around and its blossoms are mostly used […]

Star of the waters

We discussed the Victoria Amazonica when mentioning about the massive leaves that can hold up a human child. The blossom itself is white and just sprouts around evening time. The shade of the lily changes anyway when it is pollinated to a pinky purple. At the point when the lily is as yet white in […]

8 storey tall leaves

In the wild, once in a while size does make a difference. What’s more, with regards to the plant with the biggest leaves, the champ is Raphia regalis, a types of Raffia Palm having a place with the palm tree family Arecaceae.  Raphia regalis is local to Angola, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, […]

Giant umbrella sized leaves

Considered as medicine for sexually transmitted diseases, the Brazilian Giant-rhubarb is a large, clump-forming perennial with stout horizontal stems known as rhizomes, massive umbrella-sized leaves.  The leaves of Gunnera manicata grow to an impressive size Leaves with diameters well in excess of 4 ft (122 cm) are commonplace, with a spread of 10 ft (3 […]

The mystery of flowers

Since days of yore, individuals have cultivated blossoming plants not just to satisfy their eyes but for different necessities: they were utilized in medication, in ward off evil eye, to adorn hair and during penances. For the most part, in folklore, plants were the formation of the divine forces of ripeness, which individuals revered. In […]