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Tags: Anti hyperpigmentation cream

The Holy Myrrh, Guggul and Incense

Ever wondered where your incense comes from? Did you know that guggul is a resin secreted by the Mukul myrrh tree (Commiphora mukul), which grows in India, Central Asia, and North Africa? In India, incense sticks are a critical element in most Hindu celebrations. During pujas and festivals, incense sticks or dhoop are used liberally. […]

Simple home remedies for skin care

Though it protects our body with fervor, your skin is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. Easily exposed to the elements, your skin tends to effected easily. With winter wrecking havoc and summer around the corner, you must be looking for some simple tips for taking care of your skin with […]

The best of Plant Science in a CareBox

Nature has endowed upon every living species a unique ability to survive, sustain, and evolve. each species has developed certain defence and related mechanisms that ensure its survival and evolution and plants are an integral part of the scheme of nature. It is a common myth that plants do not have sensitive feelings. In fact, […]

Why is Banana Skin Slippery?

Have you ever wondered why people slip when they step on banana peels? Banana peels are more slippery compared to any other fruit peels. Unless you are a science student or probably have not worked in the fruit market, you must be wondering why banana peels are slippery? Wonder no more, as we explain it […]

Hand Sanitizer with the goodness of Plant Science

Being driven by individuals passionate about scientific research and innovation, a greater understanding of plant chemistry is shown in the entirety of products that come from Atrimed Plant Science. Our Plant Hand sanitiser was already a developed product in our lab but as we say everything has its own time, we felt it was the perfect time to launch our product because […]

What Should You Know About Chemical Hand Sanitizer?

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, very few people cared about hand sanitizers. But now things have changed as they have become one of the essential accessories when you are out on the road, especially liquid, alcohol-based ones. They are in no way a replacement for thorough hand-washing, but when you do not have access to […]