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Tags: Anti-herbivore plant strategies


While we are reading about various defense mechanisms that plants adopt when fighting herbivores, we must explore one of the interesting traits used by some plants is to mimic dead plants or decrease in size. Some plants have attained the ability to decrease the appearance, i.e. stay hidden from the eyes of herbivores. Instead of […]

Digest me not!

An effective method to reduce being attacked by herbivores is to develop reduced plant palatability. This method of defense is more direct and practical to stop not just the current attacker but also deter any future attempt.  Induction of trichomes in response to insect damage has been reported in many plants. This increase in trichome […]

Reach me not!

Why do you think plants have some special characteristics that make them physically impossible to touch? Interactions between plants and herbivores are necessary to continue the food chain. However, when herbivores eat their tissues, these tissues can get severely injured. Some plants have adapted themselves to tolerate these damages and reproduce again, whereas other plants […]

Anti-herbivore plant strategies

Plants have been successful in colonizing most environments and when doing so they have to face tough competition not just from other plants but also from animals! So how do plants protect themselves from herbivores? Interactions between plants and insect herbivores are important determinants of plant productivity. In response to the attack, plants have evolved […]