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Is Glass Gem Corn Real? Can You Eat It?

There aren’t many vegetables with a Facebook page, let alone one with nearly 19,000 followers, but “Glass Gem” corn is one of a kind. Because of its translucent, rainbow-coloured kernels, it became an Internet sensation. Growers of Glass Gem claim that the crop has inspired thousands of people to participate in seed saving and reconnect […]

The Holy Myrrh, Guggul and Incense

Ever wondered where your incense comes from? Did you know that guggul is a resin secreted by the Mukul myrrh tree (Commiphora mukul), which grows in India, Central Asia, and North Africa? In India, incense sticks are a critical element in most Hindu celebrations. During pujas and festivals, incense sticks or dhoop are used liberally. […]

Camphor & Eucalyptus, the chemical cousins

Some plants are so close to one another that you keep thinking they might be related, though they are not similar. When you are in search of identifying plants that can cure human ailments, this becomes critical. Let us look at some of them. The camphor tree is native to China and is one of […]

Gardenia Gummifera – Dikamali

Gardenia gummifera L.f. (Family: Rubeacea) is used in the indigenous system of medicine to cure many diseases. The herb, named Gardenia Gummifera – Dikamali is used in the treatment of wounds, skin diseases, fever, stomach pain, etc. The herb has different names, like resin, telbampa, bikke, etc. So, do not get confused when you see […]

Do pitcher plants trap salamanders too?

We know that pitcher plants are carnivorous as they have modified leaves called traps. These traps include the prey-trapping mechanism and feature a cavity comprising digestive liquid. The traps are formed by the specialized leaves and these plants make the best use of their nectars to attract their prey. Understanding Things about Pitcher Plants’ Chosen […]

Angina, Nitroglycerin & Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel is one of the most respected names in science, and his legacy is honoured today when the best contributions for various fields of science are recognized and awarded with the Nobel prizes. You might also know him as an inventor par excellence, chemist with an expertise in the field of explosives and a […]

Why is Banana Skin Slippery?

Have you ever wondered why people slip when they step on banana peels? Banana peels are more slippery compared to any other fruit peels. Unless you are a science student or probably have not worked in the fruit market, you must be wondering why banana peels are slippery? Wonder no more, as we explain it […]

Guess who is foreign on your plate?

If you liked our last post, you will love this one too. Check out the video and see how many you can identify and tell us in the comments about other foods we missed! WHAT IS PLANTSCIENCE? PlantScience blog is an insightful discussion to understand and explain the science behind the great success of plants – […]

Nagpur World Orange festival

The World Orange festival was conceptualized and curated by the government of Maharashtra and is held in Nagpur in the last week of December or early January every year. Though it is a new entrant to the world of food festivals, the World Orange Festival has garnered a huge response from all. During this time, […]