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Tags: animal

Blood Shooting Lizard

Having a rugged body might come naturally to the horned lizard and it sure appreciates it. In the semi-arid environments of North and Central America, the horned lizard uses its flatted shape, mud-coloured body and almost frog-like appearance to camouflage itself in the soil. While the spins on its body and the scary-looking horns on […]

Stories That Mummified Parrots Tell

According to a recent study of mummified parrots discovered in high altitude desert areas of South America, researchers were able to transport prized birds through vast and complex trades as early as 900 years ago. Outside of the house in the Amazon rain forest, in the north of Chile in the Arid Atacama Desert, were […]

How males trick females!

No. We are not trying to lure you in with a tricky headline! Among Topi antelopes that live on the savannahs of Africa, Dr. Jakob Bro Jorgensen of the University of Liverpool, UK, found this interesting behaviour. As the savannah gives little space to hide for the predators like lions, leopards and cheetahs, they have […]

Do Cows have Inbuilt Compasses?

Yes. You read it right! Strangely enough, for centuries, people have not noticed this enough until someone figured it out. Seems like the bovine folk might have more knowledge than we assume about the Earth’s magnetism.  While some experienced farmers would explain this alignment of cows standing in the North-South direction as a way to […]

Do pitcher plants trap salamanders too?

We know that pitcher plants are carnivorous as they have modified leaves called traps. These traps include the prey-trapping mechanism and feature a cavity comprising digestive liquid. The traps are formed by the specialized leaves and these plants make the best use of their nectars to attract their prey. Understanding Things about Pitcher Plants’ Chosen […]

10 animals that have better hair than you

Remember the days when you walked up to the mirror and adjusted your hair again for nth time before you headed out? Most of us take pride in how we look and having a good mop of hair is an important criterion for us to make an impression. Did you know humans have the longest […]

Interesting ant facts you didn’t know

Ants are common insects we all would have seen and some of us have been on the bad side and were bitten. It is amazing how tough these small insects are especially when we talk about their small size – Most of them are just 0.08 – 1 inch long an live in colonies. You […]

The Parental Imprint

Every member of the species carries some part of its parent in it self and it is almost certain that the parents come together in contributing their share to the child. However, in some cases it is quite different. In our series on strange reproduction behavior in animals, today we will examine the special fertilizations […]

Is virgin birth possible?

This question has left many of the scientists bewildered until they found out about the virgin birth situations and explained to us all. While it is not common among the larger mammals or the species we observe every day, parthenogenesis, most commonly known as ‘Virgin Birth’, is a form of asexual reproduction in which a […]