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Tags: Animal facts

Sir Andre Geim and the Magnetic Frog

Andre Geim is the only person to date who has been both a Nobel Prize recipient and an Ig Nobel Prize. The Ig Nobel prize is a satirical prize that has been annually awarded since 1991 by a comic magazine known as the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). It is awarded annually to 10 discoveries that first […]

Why Are Yoga Asanas Named After Animals?

Dogs, cobras, cows, cats, and many other animals find a mention when it comes to lending their names and posture to various yogic poses. Some of the poses or asanas also depict the birds. While it is interesting that these asanas are named after animals, it is not clear if they were named so just […]

Is It A Leaf Or An Insect?

What if leaves can walk? When you look at a leaf during this season that seems to walk and nibble at other leaves, you might find a small face and pointy legs. When a giant Malaysian leaf insect is nibbling on the leaves of a guava or mango tree, you’ll have to look closely. These […]

Blood Shooting Lizard

Having a rugged body might come naturally to the horned lizard and it sure appreciates it. In the semi-arid environments of North and Central America, the horned lizard uses its flatted shape, mud-coloured body and almost frog-like appearance to camouflage itself in the soil. While the spins on its body and the scary-looking horns on […]

How males trick females!

No. We are not trying to lure you in with a tricky headline! Among Topi antelopes that live on the savannahs of Africa, Dr. Jakob Bro Jorgensen of the University of Liverpool, UK, found this interesting behaviour. As the savannah gives little space to hide for the predators like lions, leopards and cheetahs, they have […]

Do Cows have Inbuilt Compasses?

Yes. You read it right! Strangely enough, for centuries, people have not noticed this enough until someone figured it out. Seems like the bovine folk might have more knowledge than we assume about the Earth’s magnetism.  While some experienced farmers would explain this alignment of cows standing in the North-South direction as a way to […]

The Making of Fake Rhino Horns

The fact that Rhino horn was once more expensive than cocaine and was one of the most sought after substances in the world meant only one thing – the making of fake or artificial rhino horns springing up in the market. Rhino horn is not a horn (bone and muscle) but just a tuft of […]

Joey and the changes in Kangaroo’s milk

Kangaroos are one of the most fascinating mammals on Earth. Though physically limited to the Australian continent, they are well known across the world for their unique features – standing on hind legs, having a strong tail, ability to box, carrying their babies in their pouches and strong jumping capabilities. Today, we are going to […]

Trust me, I am a plant!

Each of us are imbibed with an inbuilt passion to survive. May be we get it in our genes and may be it is recorded in our DNA too. While some of it is learnt during the lifetime of the species, most of it is passed on from their previous generations and their struggle for […]