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Sulphur’s Application In Our Lives

Sulphur’s Application In Our Lives

Perhaps none of us cared when we heard that 3% of the Earth comprises of Sulphur. Old legends used to claim that, and based on the most recent estimates, it was found to be true. It was the first time scientists had come up with some conclusive geochemical evidence.

Did you know all life on Earth may have been possible because of the Sulphur? Conditions in the early seas were such that simple chemical reactions could have generated the range of amino acids that are the building blocks of life.

Properties of sulfur

  • The element has several properties. Before we explain to you about the applications, know them.
  • The atomic symbol is S, and the atomic number is 16.
  • The density is 2.067 grams per cubic centimetre, and the number of isotopes is 23.
  • The common isotopes are S-32, S-34, S-33, and S-36. The boiling point is 444.6 degrees Celsius and 115.21 degrees Celsius.

Uses of Sulphur

For the preservation of wine

Well, you must be thinking about how that is possible. Isn’t that so? According to Practical Winery & Vineyard Journal, sulfur dioxide has been used in the preservation of wine. Some people may think it is a new thing that has come into existence. But when I researched more to find details, I got to know that it has been used for thousands of years.

Used for fumigation

Till the 19th century, the element was used to fumigate homes.

Vulcanization of black rubber

It is utilized in the vulcanization of black rubber, like in black gunpowder and a fungicide. It is also used in the production of sulphuric acid. And according to reports, it is a significant product used by western civilization. The sulphuric acid is then used in the preparation of phosphoric acid, making phosphorus for fertilizers.

Despite all these uses, the fact that we could not have been here without the active contribution of sulphur makes me wonder what else we do not know!



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