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Star of the waters
Star of the waters

We discussed the Victoria Amazonica when mentioning about the massive leaves that can hold up a human child. The blossom itself is white and just sprouts around evening time. The shade of the lily changes anyway when it is pollinated to a pinky purple. At the point when the lily is as yet white in shading and should be pollinated it radiates butterscotch and pineapple fragrance that pulls in the creepy crawlies that fertilize the blossom; another way the bloom draws in insects is its capacity to warm up the center of the blossom. Usually the warmth outside is 85°C but on the inside the bloom can heat up to 95°C! The blossom is around the size of a soccer ball and just lives for three days. 

Legend has it that, quite a while back, the Tupis-Guaranis,indigenous people from Northern Brazil, told that every night that moon hid behind the hills far off on the horizon. They used to state that, if the moon could like one single young lady, it would change her into a star of the sky. One princess, Pajé’s little girl (Pajé being a critical figure of the indigenous individuals), was intrigued with that story. In this way, around evening time, when everyone was resting and the moon was traversing the sky, the princess wanted to be a star, so she approached the slopes and pursued the moon, trusting the moon could see her up in the slopes. Thus she did, each night, for a long time. In any case, the moon didn’t appear to see her, despite the fact that the crying of the princess could be heard out there. 

One night, the princess saw, int he clear waters of a lake, the picture of the moon. The blameless young lady thought about whether the moon had come down to take her, so she hopped in the profound waters to join the moon and its stunning youngsters. She was gone forever. The moon, as a reward for the wonderful princess’ penance, changed her into an alternate star, different from all the others that light lit up the night sky. In this way, the moon changed the princess into a “Star of the Waters”, whose blossom is the “Vitória Régia”. At that point, another plant was born, whose scented white blossoms bloom and spread out just around evening time. What’s more, when the sun shows up in the early morning, the blossoms change their shading to delicate pink.

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