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Smelly feet are mosquito magnets

Smelly feet are mosquito magnets

When you are out in a public place with your friends, did you find some of them get stung by mosquitoes more often than others? You might have found it strange that mosquitoes seek out few people in particular in a group. You are right, there is a selective procedure being followed here and you might prevent it from happening.

Mosquitoes need a reason to sink themselves into the human sink, whether it’s the color of the shirt or the smell of perfume. People use so many things like catnip, citronella, garlic, chicken, and citrus to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Scientists have provided proper evidence that smelly socks and stinky feet are some of the biggest reasons that attract mosquitoes to feed on humans. Smelly feet keep away humans but attract these blood-sucking insects as a replacement.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to smelly feet?

When searching for their meal, mosquitoes encounter humans not by using sight but through smell. Similarly, stinky or smell feet are one of the factors that makes you a mosquito magnet. Scientists say that there is a particular bacteria, which grows on human feet, which ultimately attracts mosquitoes towards humans.

The bacteria stay within your socks as well when you take them off, which leads to attracting these pests. But this is not just any bacteria. Some of the strains are much more inviting for mosquitoes when compared with others. Let us face it, all feet smell but mosquitoes are said to go for a specific type of smell. With the help of these discoveries, many mosquito-borne diseases can be prevented through proper scientific methods.

Other things that make you a mosquito magnet

Apart from the stinky socks and smelly feet, there are several other things through which mosquitoes are attracted to you. Check below!

  1. Genetics: The reason mosquitoes are attracted to you is partially genetic. The bacteria that your skin produces when you sweat stands out to be pretty enticing for the mosquitoes and also to your blood type. According to a recent study, mosquitoes are much more attracted to Type A and Type O individuals.
  2. Excessive sweating: The chemicals and bacteria found in your sweat also pull these blood-sucking pests towards you. Your body heat is also another thing, which the mosquitoes can sense.
  3. Not applying repellent on mosquito-friendly areas: Mosquitoes target highly vascularized areas. The majority of the mosquitoes are most attracted to your feet, so spraying repellent on both your legs and hands will keep them away. Also, spray the mosquito repellent on the tops of your toes.
  4. Floral perfumes: Although it is not scientifically-proven, many scientists have speculated that mosquitoes are pulled to the floral scents, which is their actual energy source, not blood. Only the female mosquitoes suck blood from the body of humans, as it’s the form of protein to help them develop eggs.
  5. Your breath: Many people have a high metabolic rate that gives them the power to produce more carbon dioxide. These are the people towards which the mosquitoes are most attracted. Pregnant women are also a target for mosquitoes due to their heavy breathing. Along with that, mosquitoes are much more attracted to men rather than women, as they are larger and tend to produce more carbon dioxide. Why carbon dioxide? It’s because these pests have evolved themselves to smell human through that compound.


If you want to keep the mosquitoes from your feet, then the best way to do it is by keeping them clean. Wash them often, ensure they get enough sunlight and ventilation and yes, change those socks often. (The last bit comes with a thumbs up from all the women out there).


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