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Skin-to-skin care for the newborn

Skin-to-skin care for the newborn

In the early 1970’s a new scare swept across Columbia with sudden spike in preterm-infant-mortality rates. When the mortality rate went up to 70% doctors and parents began to panic alike. Most of causes were identified as infections of respiratory problems and not being attended to well. Here is where the researchers found that preterm-babies survived well when they were held close to their mothers. They didn’t just survive but were enjoying their time and coped up well. This encouraged doctors to come up with a procedure to help the preterm babies as we today call – Kangaroo care.

Kangaroo care is known as skin-to-skin contact. It is a technique of newborn care for humans, where babies are kept skin-to-skin and chest-to-chest with their mother. To give the baby warmth, a robe, a hospital gown, or a blanket is wrapped over the baby and mother. The wrapping of your baby to the chest is pretty similar to mother Kangaroo, who carries her baby in her pouch, and it’s the place where kangaroo care originated. The Kangaroo care is ideal for babies that are born too soon, and it also helps in maintaining the baby’s respiratory rate and heart.

Benefits of kangaroo care

Kangaroo care comes with a wide range of benefits, which is ideal for your baby’s development and growth. Some of the key benefits of Kangaroo care include:

  • The oxygen saturation levels in babies are improved
  • Increasing the sleeping time
  • Stabilises heart rate for the baby
  • Babies will experience rapid weight gain
  • Delivers more breastfeeding episodes
  • Decreases the crying in babies
  • Having an early discharge from the hospital
  • Improves the bonding between the child and the parent
  • Improves the supply of breast milk
  • Gives you the confidence to take care of your child
  • Increases the sense of control in you
  • Babies love their ME-time with moms

Kangaroo care for dads

Sometimes dad’s can chip in too for bonding better with babies. Dad can get more confident of handling the baby and baby grows more fond of the father. While keeping the baby warm, help the baby sleep, dad’s gets extra oxytocin. Moreover it can give better rest to the mother.

Some mammals have babies that are born to fend for themselves. But human babies are pretty immature when compared with such mammals, which same goes out for the kangaroos. For such reasons, the skin-to-skin technique or Kangaroo Care is a effective method for human babies to become healthy. Along with that, Kangaroo Care is also medically beneficial for both full-term and preterm babies.

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