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Sir Andre Geim and the Magnetic Frog

Sir Andre Geim and the Magnetic Frog

Andre Geim is the only person to date who has been both a Nobel Prize recipient and an Ig Nobel Prize. The Ig Nobel prize is a satirical prize that has been annually awarded since 1991 by a comic magazine known as the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). It is awarded annually to 10 discoveries that first make people laugh and then make them think. Andre Geim won the Ig Nobel Prize in 2000 for magnetically levitating a frog.

Initially, the prizes were presented by the original Nobel laureates at a lecture hall at MIT. Since then, the ceremony has moved to the Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. In 2000, Geim won the Ig Nobel and a few others for their light-hearted experiments in which they managed to levitate a frog by using magnets. By inducing a field with a magnetic strength of 16 T, Geim and his team managed to levitate a living frog-which is entirely diamagnetic.

In 2010, Geim was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking advances in materials science. Geim and his co-recipient Novosalev worked on graphene, which is a very useful allotrope of carbon. It has only a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in the form of a 2-D honeycomb lattice. Geim is also the inventor of the instrumental gecko tape, which is a material that mimics how gecko feet work.

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Andre is one of the bravest and most innovative scientists with a perfect sense of humour. They have managed to shed a lot of light on the human condition.


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