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Roses as big as cabbages
Roses as big as cabbages

Tree Peony is one of the largest flowers. Though it is a little shrub that is only 10 feet high, but the tree peony flowers are disproportionately large. Some can even be more than 20 inches in diameter. Marco Polo is said to have called peonies “roses as big as cabbages.”

In China, peony paintings are often used to decorate homes and offices due to the belief that they can ensure good luck and successful business. The roots, seeds, bark and flower of the peony can be used for medicinal purposes. The Chinese first used them as pain relievers. They were brought to Europe in the early 1200’s and used to ease the pain of childbirth, cure gallstones, and ward off evil spirits. They are still used in Eastern medicine but have not been popular in Western medicine since the middle ages.

Peonies are perfect for any occasion from wedding bouquets and arrangements to well wishes to home décor. The next time you are in the market check out the pleasant flowers that are available in every color other than blue.

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