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A perfect gift for your loved ones -PlantScience Carebox

A perfect gift for your loved ones -PlantScience Carebox

Gift your mother a plant, or a PlantScience Carebox

We’re all here because of our Moms and for those of us who are Moms, having kids is like having our hearts walk around outside our bodies. Whether a woman is a Mother or not, the aspect of the divine feminine principle, Shakti, is ever-present with the ability to nurture, lead and be the strength of a community, it is what being a woman is all about and what Motherhood itself represents.

Treat this special day, as every other day, when you care for your mom. We have some of the best skincare and hair care products packed in a cute box that is perfect for gifting.

Now, we are on amazon and flipkart and you can get the product delivered to your home easily. Click on the link to order.

Happy Mother’s day from all of us at @plantscienceAtrimed

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Check out our PlantScience Carebox for a budget-friendly collection of premium skincare and hair care products. With all the right combinations in one box, we bring you the best of plants in an awesome gift option. Click here to order one on amazon today or visit for more info.


PlantScience blog is an insightful discussion to understand and explain the science behind the great success of plants – how plants live, survive. Nature at its best is a great repository of knowledge and most of it is still a mystery to our minds. However, at Atrimed PlantScience, we have willed ourselves to research, understand the best-kept secrets of Nature and use that knowledge to the betterment of our health. We believe in thinking beyond, knowing beyond and using the best research capabilities to understand the science plants use to live, thrive, adapt and grow. In this blog, you would find details of some interesting plant facts, the science behind them, snippets of history, updates about science and many interesting secrets. Read, subscribe, share your comments about PlantScience with us. Thank you!

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You might like our PlantScience skincare offerings that will help heal, restore and nurture your skin in the most natural way – With the goodness of plants in their purest form and in the scientific way possible. Click here to check out our PlantScience store today.

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