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Plants can moan

If you have been following our blog for sometime, you would have read about the various skills plants have which we couldn’t believe existed before – Plants have vision, can hear sounds, can experience pain and many more such capabilities that make us respect them more. Today, we will know about the distress call plants make when they are hurt.

Itzhak Khait, a researcher at the Tel Aviv University in Israel published a study that found that plants make noise out of pain. These noises are so high that they cannot be heard by human ears. Rather they can be heard by organisms like mice and bats. Scientists placed microphones capable of detecting ultrasonic frequencies as part of their experiment. When they were either not watered or cut into their roots, the microphones that were placed four inches away from tomato and tobacco plants captures distress calls.

What is special about these distress calls? Scientists noted noises with frequencies between 20 to 150 kilohertz. These noises are at such high frequencies that only certain organisms like bats, mice could hear it.

Though these signals need to be studied to understand what their meaning can be, the scientists are of the opinion that these are distress calls warning other plants and animals of the danger and may be a cry for help.

Next time you hurt a plant, make sure you apologise as they can scream, moan and tell!

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