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A Super Fact About Ancient Indian Superfoods!

Ancient Indian superfoods played a vital role in shaping our gut microbiome which is crucial for good health and to fight diseases.
A healthy gut microbiome influences immunity which is brought about by primary nutrients and secondary metabolites from these superfoods. Shifting from traditional vegetables to processed foods, disrupts the natural rhythm of gut microbiomes, leading to conditions of weakened immunity. With modern diets taking over traditional Indian diets, superfoods like guava leaves, bitter gourd leaves, bamboo shoots, colocasia leaves etc are being lost in our system, eventually leading to poor gut health. Refined sugar and other new foods, favour a new set of gut microbes over ones that fed on tough plant fibres.

"If you’re not feeding your gut microbiome with the original diet, your gut microbiome is feeding on you."

Plant Proteins Over Animal Proteins

Are you often overwhelmed with the wide variety of protein powders available on the market? There has always been a debate over whether animal or plant-based proteins are better. Let's break that down by stating a few reasons why plant-based proteins are healthier.

  1. No bloating
  2. Easy to digest
  3. Gut friendly

Given all the benefits and meeting the same protein demands, why not make a switch?

Make A Plant-Based Change Today!

With nearly half the Indian population being protein deficient, Plant Science, Plant Protein is formulated by a team of scientists with over 30 years of experience working diligently with ancient Indian vegetables and their essential nutrients. Incorporating the goodness of ancient Indian superfoods, this protein powder is the right mix for you.

What makes Plant Science Plant Protein stand out from the rest?

  1. 75% of pure plant protein isolates
  2. Easy to digest
  3. Palatable
  4. Value for money

It's time to say goodbye to an expensive protein powder loaded with added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and junk and say hello to a new, affordable and tasty plant protein mix, rich in ancient Indian superfoods.


This healthy switch will also make a contribution to reducing infant and maternal mortality in rural India, for every 5% of profit made from this product is donated towards Save A Mother foundation.