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Our Ideation

How do we go about making our products?

Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. " We at Plant Science start our initial journey believing in this famous quote. 

Plants in nature have hundreds of interesting facts and a few questions pondered upon by us are stated below.

  1. How do sunflowers chase the sun? Do they have a vision?
  2. If plants can regenerate, then why can't we do the same?
  3. How do plants tolerate sunlight all day long? Do they use sunscreen?
  4. How do lotus leaves remain waterproof in spite of floating in the water? 
  5. Do plants have sibling rivalry just like us?
  6. How does a touch me not plant feel the touch?
  7. Do plants feel pain when their flowers are plucked?
  8. Ever slipped on a banana peel? What do you think makes it slippery?
  9. With taste and smell we avoid lots of foods, can plants do the same and choose what they want?
  10. 90% of Earth's biomass is from plants. Do we really know most of them?

With a primary aim to decode these questions and extract those beneficial features from a plant, Plant Science brings out the best remedies for the most common ailments straight from nature and perfect for you!