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Nagpur World Orange festival

Nagpur World Orange festival

The World Orange festival was conceptualized and curated by the government of Maharashtra and is held in Nagpur in the last week of December or early January every year. Though it is a new entrant to the world of food festivals, the World Orange Festival has garnered a huge response from all. During this time, the city will wake up with one of its sort various exercises including excursions to Orange Orchards, Orange Installations by art students, music performances, recipe challenges, cook-offs, performances, cultural parade and many such events.

The fundamental goal of this festival is to support and enable the difficult work put by farmers to deliver best quality Oranges and to announce the brand of ‘The Orange City‘ on the World Map.

With a whole army of innovative minds and important personalities, the orange city observes three days of extensive parties spread all over the city of Nagpur and it will likewise have a solid business point that will zero in on presentations, workshops, including investment of Orange farmers from across 15 different states of India. Worldwide Orange farmers and Technology Experts will go arrive from many countries such as Israel, Turkey and South Africa to showcase their produce, agricultural techniques and share their knowledge.

If you have tasted the beautiful Nagpur Orange, remember it might become a world-famous festival and put our oranges on the world map. Cheers to the brilliant idea of World Orange Festival

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