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Moisturizing Myths: Debunking common misconceptions about Moisturizer

With all the information out there, it can be tricky to distinguish what’s true and not true about skincare. There is a lot of misinformation out there: Certain ingredients and rituals are said to be harmful when they’re not, and vice versa, which leaves room for a great deal of uncertainty about what you should and shouldn’t do. But we’re here to help. 

Debunking Common Moisturizing Myths

Myth: All moisturizers accomplish the same thing

Not all moisturizers are created equal. All of us should definitely pay attention to whether their skin is dry, oily, or combination when choosing skin care products. The Plant Science moisturizers are ideal because they contain gentle and highly nourishing ingredients like olive oil and aloe vera. This Intense Moisturizer instantly hydrates dry skin and retains moisture all day long, so they’re ready to be added to your beauty counter.

Myth: You shouldn’t use moisturizer if you have oily skin

On the contrary, moisturizer is important whether skin is dry, oily or a combination of both. Experts say that it’s a common misconception that people with oily skin don’t need moisturizer. Even if it’s oily, the oil is not necessarily moisturizing your skin. You need a moisturizer, even in an oily area. There’s no hard and fast rule that moisturizer is only used for dry skin.

Myth: Higher ingredient percentages make better products

While you may believe that a higher percentage of a specific ingredient makes the product more efficacious. This is in fact not true. People often think they need to start with the highest concentration, but if your skin can’t tolerate it, you’re going to cause more destruction to your skin barrier than good so higher concentrations are not always better.

Myth: Plant-based skincare is not as effective

Devoid of harmful chemicals and made with herbal ingredients, plant-based natural products are more effective for your health. Its nutrients are absorbed by your body and show visible results without any side effects. Additionally, these plant-based products are safe for the body and your health. When you start incorporating plant-based products into your lifestyle, you will notice a drastic reduction in reactions, irritation, itch, or other side effects.

Myth: You only need to moisturize if you wash your skin daily.

Some of us over-cleanse or over-scrub our skin, which steadily depletes the naturally-occurring substances that keep skin intact and hydrated. But by using a gentle, fragrance-free face wash and avoiding long baths or showers (which break down skin’s moisture-protecting barrier) you can cleanse daily without worry of dehydrating skin. From there, the kind of moisturizer you need depends on your skin type and concerns.

Myth: Skin can become addicted to moisturizer.

Skin cannot become physically or psychologically addicted to moisturizer in the way a person can be addicted. What can happen with routine use of facial or body moisturizer is that we become accustomed to our skin feeling and looking a certain way, and dislike how our skin feels in its un-moisturized condition. So, we keep applying moisturizer to maintain the feeling we like. This isn’t addiction or dependence; we’re not compelled to do this because the urge is too powerful to overcome—we do it because that’s how we like our skin to feel and what it needs to look the way it did when it was young.

Why choose the Plant Science Intense Moisturizer?

For daily hydration of your skin, we recommend reaching for a nourishing moisturizer, like our cult-classic Intense Moisturizer. This best-selling formula is a superlative moisturizer with the goodness of shea butter and coconut oil that provides deep hydration and nourishes the skin from within. Infused with the benefits of olive oil and aloe vera, this Intense Moisturizer instantly alleviates dry skin and retains moisture all day long. Here’s why this is the best plant-based solution for your dry skin concerns.

  • Provides skin nourishment and adds radiance 

The key ingredients shea butter, coconut, olive oil, and aloe vera, impart metabolites that in turn provide deep hydration and nourishment for your skin adding to your radiance.

  • Penetrates deep into the skin 

A lightweight formula that spreads easily and is effectively absorbed, leaving the skin soft and supple. It retains moisture all day long, and relieves dryness and irritated skin, making your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Safe and effective ingredients 

This moisturizing cream contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties and is also rich in Vitamin C, E, and carotene.


If you, like many of us, want to keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy, one way to work toward this goal is to update your skincare routine with plant-derived skincare products.

Products that are closer to nature not only have a positive effect on your body but on the environment as well. If you wish to adopt a conscious approach to skincare, you should take the time to truly invest in yourself and your skin with the natural benefits of plant-based skincare products by Plant Science. Plant Science is one of the best plant-based brands available in India right now. Plant Science products are made containing active plant secondary metabolites, hence making it herbal and therapeutically effective. They offer everything from hair care and skin care to health care and nutrition supplements.

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