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Marsupials & the power of 3!

Marsupials & the power of 3!

When it comes to reproduction we are learning that the animal world is far more complicated than we would like to imagine. In today’s post, we will learn about the amazing anatomy of one of our favourite animal species – Kangaroo. Did you know that all marsupials (mammals which carry and tend the young in their pouches) have a special provision for keeping the species alive?

Female kangaroos, just like all marsupials, have three vaginas – all of which have specific purposes. Both side vaginas are designed to carry the sperm to the two uteri while the middle one is primarily used for delivering a little joey to the outside world. That is one complicated plumbing system we do not want to mess with.

Little joey’s arduous climb

We covered the point about how Joey is too small, as small as a grape when it is born and has to endure an arduous climb to the pouch before it is rewarded with a teat and nourishment.

Did you know that a mother kangaroo can remain pregnant for a long time? Depending on the need, the mother kangaroo can hold an embryo in its uterus as a reserve to give enough time for the joey in the pouch to gain strength and move out and then proceed to deliver the new #joey.

One more interesting fact is that the mother kangaroo can nourish three separate joeys at the same time, one as an embryo in the uterus waiting to be born, one in the pouch and one at the feet (mostly independent but dependent on the mother for milk).

That is one amazing multi-tasking ability mother #kangaroos & #koalas have!


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